Kritika Online Rogue

Kritika Online SEA + Inspector/ReShade Settings

Kritika Online’s closed beta launched in SEA yesterday, and I finally found the time to give it a decent look.

It’s hosted by Playpark at There’s a Thai server and a Singapore server. Apparently the Thai server has no region block, but not sure if it will last. Get the torrent here:

Kritika SEA Torrent

The game itself is an online Action RPG by All-M, aka the studio behind the now-defunct Lunia. Feels like a more anime-style C9 with a focus on smaller scale fights.

Enemies per spawn are on the low side for the genre, but more aggressive. AoEs are smaller too. Skill timing is on the tight side, which I remember being the case with Lunia.


Tried Rogue just because :p Each class has two or more job advancements, and starting out, you get to learn the basic skills of each advanced class.

Rogue gets Cat Acrobat, which seems super spammy with its starting skills having two followups each. Also Mystic Wolf Guardian which seems to be a summoner with lightning-themed AoEs.

Ended up going with Crimson Assassin, which seemed the most straightforward of the three. Gap close, stack bleeds, stab for huge damage.


Kritika Online looks a little dated and VERY aliased by default. The graphics settings available are… a little surprising for a 2013 game. No Anti-Aliasing, no Anistropic Filtering, no Ambient Occlusion or Bloom… it takes a bit of work to get it to look pretty.

Needless to say everything that can be turned on ingame is turned on.

Kritika Online nVidia Inspector Settings

For nVidia Inspector, the game isn’t very demanding so AA and AF can be cranked way up. Using 16x AA 16x AF there:


Trying to find a good compatibility bit to reduce the jaggles and hopefully do away with stacking AA though.

Kritika Online ReShade Settings

ReShade comes in for a bit more touching up. Just use the Mediator to target kritika_online.exe.

On top of aliasing, the game looks a little washed out by default, and doesn’t seem to do much for bright lights, so I turned on what’s probably the usual big 3: Bloom, HDR, and SMAA.

I’m using very aggressive SMAA here to remove jaggles. Makes the image much smoother, but not totally.


And a bit of HDR to make the colors pop more. Mixing Curves and Vibrance can get a similar effect with some trial and error.


And Bloom to make glowy things actually glow (P.S. I wish there was a reverse bloom option for PSO2):


End result should look like this: