Kritika SEA – Joy2key Gamepad Test

Trying out Kritika SEA again, this time in Open Beta. I usually play on keyboard & mouse but someone had to bring over a gamepad. Long story short, Kritika works with Joy2key.

To set Joy2Key up for Kritika, first download and run Joy2key as admin. After Joy2key is running (and configured if this is the first time), run Kritika.

The first screen on Joy2key should look like this, minus pre-configured keys.


After that, double click each line to assign your binding. For example, binding the D-pad’s left movement on the gamepad to A on the keyboard here:


To bind mouse movement, click on the “Mouse” tab and use the cursor movement sliders.


The bindings I set up are for an X360 controller. Other gamepads may vary.

Xbox 360 Controller
The source of a LOT of trouble.

I set the D-pad to movement keys and the right analog stick to camera movement. The front buttons are used for basic controls:

  • Normal attack/Interact (Left Click and F bound to the same key)
  • Special followups (Right click, Q and E bound to the same key)
  • Jump
  • Dodge

The top four buttons (5, 6, 11, 12 on the Joy2key screen for an X360 controller) are for skills. I bound a key on the left analog pad to Caps Lock to switch palettes, so I can access up to 8 skills. The bottom row ends up empty ^^;

KTK skillbar

There’s still three more left analog buttons to bind, so there’s room for a few more, but the gamepad experience ends up very different from keyboard and mouse.

Conclusion: THIS IS VERY TROUBLESOME! But hey it works…

And if you happen to have an X360 controller, here’s my saved Joy2key profile:

Kritika Joy2key Profile