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Crystal Solos a Mega-D Terminator

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…I figured I’d give it a shot :p

This video showcases the stealth synergy between Shadow Form and Sigils of Radiant Sanctuary. Terminator couldn’t see me so it went for the Sigils one by one until it could. Cue epic LOS abuse when that happens.

My keyboard was pretty unresponsive while recording, even though framerates were decent, and my usual ping is >300 so I overcompensated quite a bit as far as ducking behind the wall goes. As a result, the Terminator took ages to kill. Sorry if you get motion sickness from all the camera turning :p

At least you get to see the Mega-D Terminator’s full arsenal of attacks! It has a lot of knocks. The hold at 5:50 might be killer too.

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