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Champions Online – Damage Calculator BETA 2

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Update 2/20/12: This is now a full-fledged damage calculator, which means even more potential bugs to hunt down :S

Exploit Opening works by making your next hit 30% of a crit after your actual crit, provided that attack doesn’t crit itself. This adds up the 30%-of-a-crits it gives and expresses that as an effective increase in crit chance.

Not sure whether to get Exploit Opening or Sixth Sense on your primary Ego character? This calculator will tell you :p

For the theorycrafters, the formula I used for Exploit Opening was:

Crit Chance + (Crit Chance x (1 - Crit Chance) x 0.3)

i.e. the chance to crit added to 30% of  the chance to not crit after a crit. It’s as confusing to code as it sounds.

Note that the Active Offense (AO) section assumes the AO is always used the moment it comes off cooldown, so it may not reflect a realistic scenario.

Disclaimer: This calculator is in beta, please report any calculation bugs etc.

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