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Champions Online – Secondary Gear Comparison

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Just a short comparison of the effects of different secondary gear on a character with the Shadow Form passive. This post compares the effects of the Cyber set vs. the Armadillo set offensively, and the Cyber set vs. the Armadillo set vs. the Vigilante set defensively.

Vigilante was not included in the offensive test because the test was originally conducted to check for differences in survivability, and the bulk of Vigilante’s offensive gain comes from the increase in crit chance.

Character stats are as follows:

Offensive stats

Shadow Form87%
Primary Superstat (222 Int)32%
Secondary Superstat (204 Dex)17%
Secondary Superstat (206 Con)17%
Ego Ranged Damage (20 Ego + Enlightened Spec)6.8%
Concentration9.8% per stack
Offense (313 Offense)37%

Defensive stats

Defense (182.7 Defense)43%

And for the results.


Ebon Ruin Tooltip DamageArmadilloCyber
1 Concentration31853352
8 Concentration36133746
8 Conc. + Ego Surge39674071


Note that the +16 Def Vigilante piece was used. The Vigilante set raised the character’s defense from 182.7 to 206.7.

Damage TakenArmadilloCyberVigilante
Blue Laser89510501010


With an offensive passive, the Cyber set gives an almost negligible damage boost of 3.68% over the Armadillo set at 8 stacks of Concentration. On the other hand, the Armadillo set causes the wearer to take 14.76% less damage than the Cyber set.

Since the test character used had low Ego, the small bonus provided by the Cyber set can be extrapolated to the damage boost of a 10-15 Ego build vs a 200 Ego build. (~2% vs ~30%, or a gain of ~28%, close to the damage gain 25% from the Cyber set). An estimated damage gain of <4% is expected.

While very small defensive gains were observed from the Vigilante set, other factors not measured in this test like increased crit chance, increased HP, and increased cooldown reduction/cost discount still make the set an attractive choice.