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Champions Online – Resource Farming in Andrith Ruins

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After the Mega-D nerf, this should be one of the next best methods to farm globals. Do Andrith Ruins on Elite difficulty and use a build with two Active Defenses – Unbreakable and Masterful Dodge in my case. Pop the Active Defenses to rush to Hyrg Coruscator quickly, then burn it down. As the video shows, Hyrg can be downed in 3min 30sec. That’s 18 G per run during Resource Hour with a 15% Smash buff. Accounting for loading times, 14-16 Hyrgs per Resource Hour should be reasonable, or approximately 250 G per hour without item boosts. To unlock Andrith Ruins, head to the Northeastern coast of Monster Island, close to the tip where the grass meets volcanic rock, and look for a holographic Dr. Silverback. The NPCs around there should give you a quest chain to unlock the Andrith Ruins lair.

The first NPC in that arc is Captain Alexei Fyodorovich. He gives the quest Lizard Nerd Scavenger Hunt. On that quest, the Lemurians should drop Shards of Oblivion and A Broken Oraculus Access Device. Do the quests associated with those items and the rest of the chain should unlock Andrith Ruins. In order, the quests in the arc are:

  1.  Lizard Nerd Scavenger Hunt
  2. Shards of Oblivion
  3. Dig Data Download
  4. Eyes on the Excavators
  5. Battle Against the Burrowers
  6. Excavation’s Overseer
  7. Echoes of Andrith

Echoes of Andrith
 is the quest that opens Andrith Ruins.