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Champions Online – Mega-D Vehicle Build

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The vehicle patch finally hit! Here’s my initial impressions.

Been testing with @nbkxs aka the Chop Shop Artist and it looks like Mega-D farming is not just possible, but faster.

You will need:

  1. An Mk. II vehicle
  2. Plasma Beam Mk. II and above
  3. Medic Drone Mk. II and above
  4. Biosteel defense mods
  5. A friend with a similar setup

Instead of sniping at 120ft, Mk. II vehicles can withstand head-on tanking of Mega-Ds now. The fix to ammo regen of stacked Biosteel mods greatly helps with energy management, so it’s possible to do straight up Plasma Beam spamming. Since the shield is nerfed, Medic Drone is the go-to power for survivability now.

In short, farm Mega-Ds as a party of 2+ vehicle users and spam Plasma Beams. Heal with Medic Drone.

And nice-to-haves:

  1. Anti-Air Missile Mk. II (AA Missile) and above
  2. Micromunitions

45%-60% additive damage boost to Plasma Beam is very nice, because vehicles are typically not as deep into diminishing returns on additive damage as characters. I use a rotation of AA – Plasma Beam – Plasma Beam – repeat.

Micromunitions aren’t as impressive from what I’ve seen. They will most likely account for ~5% more damage.