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Champions Online – 100% Dodge Lightning Reflexes on a Budget

Decoration lamp in shape of plasma ball with red and blue electrodes, close-up

This is a refined version of Kitty’s original 100% Dodge Lightning Reflexes build. Backflipping with Evasive Maneuvers was killing DPS, so a more efficient route to 100% Dodge was in order. The answer was Crashing Wave Kick with the Subtlety of the Tides advantage.

Gearing this build is fairly cheap. Only one piece of high end gear was needed – Legion’s Breastplate of Elusiveness. Apart from that, all other gear is fairly easy to get – two pieces of Heroic gear and a bunch of drops for secondaries, but Armadillo secondaries can stand in as well.

The sweet spot to aim for is 97% Dodge without Crashing Wave Kick‘s buff. This means 3 stacks of Ebb and Flow are needed to reach 100%. That’s a fairly generous margin of error in case the game’s random number generator doesn’t give you that 50% chance. It also means after Frosty’s Spire, when the stacks drop off it should be fairly fast to rebuild 3 stacks before Masterful Dodge wears off.

One major drawback is that using Crashing Wave Kick means you need to keep a steady flow of fast melee attacks. There’s no room to charge a Dragon’s power for the Rush buff, so other sources of energy are needed and that hefty Dex doesn’t get put to full use. The good news is Crashing Wave Kick lowers the Dex requirement to around 400 to hit 100% Dodge, while Primary Constitution helps to cover HP, so there’s space to invest in other stats for energy.

This build goes with Intelligence, Molecular Self-Assembly and short cooldown attacks like a Lunge and Particle Smash. The latter because I was torn between covering AoE or maxmizing single-target DPS, but AoE won out. Ricochet Throw followed by Particle Smash is a nice opening spike to help cover this build’s lowish DPS. Another option is Thermal Reverb or Ionic Reverb with Flashfire or Ball Lightning. That would open up some nice AoE options, but I’d suggest Legion’s Helmet of Speed to cover cooldowns first.