Hello again, Tamriel

First time trying Elder Scrolls Online, everything was bugged. Second time, bows were bugged. Maybe third time’s a charm.


Will be interesting juggling this and PSO2. PSO2’s upcoming Ultimate Lilipa and new skills is very tempting. The new Challenge quests, not so much. 13★ without multiclass isn’t very attractive.

Back to Elder Scrolls Online

I lost interest towards the end of my first month so I didn’t quite make it to the end of the main story – was level 44 at that point. Felt like having some closure so I resubbed today, and on the same day…

Why hello there Epilogue

I honestly thought I was further from the ending :O! Or at maybe I was just too tired of all the bugs at that point. Hit detection feels better now though, and bows seem to have gotten some nice buffs.

Initial impressions of Veteran levels are not good. After being made to do pointless FedEx and kill X monsters for the first 50 levels, I get to do that all over again for the endgame… TWICE? :/

You’d figure endgame progression would kind of plateau out so everyone at cap is at roughly the same level of power. Then they can add y’know, the Massively Multiplayer part of the game?

Anyway, I’ll traipse around the Veteran Rank areas and update my levelling build Soon™, along with some impressions of VRs after the August patch hits. It looks a little different closer to 50 after a few more skill points to play with and new skills opening up.

Done with Elder Scrolls Online

Actually I’ve been done for like, a week now, but my sub ended a couple days ago so I’m formally done.

Might give it a second chance when it goes F2P. Hopefully by then it will have better lag compensation and most of the sillier bugs will be fixed.

Until then, I’ll be playing C9 until The Secret World releases Tokyo.

Elder Scrolls Online – Stonefire Machinations Guide

Simple looking enough quest. Enter district, kill mages. Enter sanctum, kill more mages. Enter bottom floor.

And then two shadowy elites show up. Whoa. Good thing I’m playing a Sorcerer.

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Elder Scrolls Online – Wood Elf Sorcerer Bow/Dual Wield Levelling Build

Update 28th August: Updated with higher level skills for level 50 going into Veteran Levels.

My objective for my first character was simple. Have a solo levelling build that can both handle AoE situations and burn down single target targets fast.

Early on in the game, at around level 7 I did the Rites of the Queen quest. Fighting the boss there, I learned a few hard lessons about Elder Scrolls Online:

  1. Living halfway around the world from the server, I would never be able to dodge AoEs or block reliably, especially not in melee
  2. The game will throw you against lots of adds
  3. Skill points need to be spent wisely early on
  4. Medium armor is squishy!

At that point, I had a half-levelled Dual Wield build which lacked AoEs. Started levelling dual wield late on Starter Isle because the game doesn’t start you with two one-handers, so my character was lacking in abilities.

Eventually, I took that boss down using bow normal attacks, Crystal Shard and Mage’s Fury. It was terrible, and from that point I realized I needed both range and AoE to fall back on. That became the inspiration for using the bow as my second weapon for levelling.

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Elder Scrolls Online – Kicking Lyris Doppleganger’s Scaly Rear in Halls of Torment

So I walked into Halls of Torment without reading about it before going in, and I have to say being located on the opposite side of the world from the server made Lyris Doppleganger a lot harder than it should have been.

For one, Elder Scrolls Online’s controls aren’t exactly responsive to begin with. For another, the lag means where she’s facing and where she fires her fork attack can be very different angles. Third, dodging the fork itself is very difficult due to rubberbanding. Fourth, the balls didn’t seem to heal at long range for some reason. I had to kill them while standing close to get a heal. Suffice to say it took me a lot of tries to get this done.

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The Elder Scrolls Online has many issues

Most of the games I play have been pretty quiet, so I thought I’d try The Elder Scrolls Online out. And then I fell through the floor. Read more The Elder Scrolls Online has many issues