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Shironia Rim hits PSO2

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Okay so there’s no water, but better that reference than Shingeki right? Anyway, Magatsu is here. PSO2 finally gets a kaiju fight – as if the previous bosses weren’t big enough. It even gets a new opening with lots of anime-style parkour.

Where’s my Megazord to fight this thing with?

The actual run on the first day is, as typical of maiden runs in endgame, disasteriffic.

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PSO2 Dual Blade Bouncer Guide Pt.2: Class Combos & Builds

Bouncer’s main role is a boss killer with Photon Blade Fever (PBF). Despite not having main class skills, there are four titles that can be obtained by collecting rare Bouncer weapons, which will give a total 10% boost to Bouncer weapons when being a main class Bouncer. In addition, a main class Bouncer can equip 13★ weapons.

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PSO2 Dual Blade Bouncer Guide Pt.1: Skills

So you want to be Kirito! Or Archer! or Gundam Marute! Or… okay there’s way too many Japanese dual wielders in anime. That’s what Dual Blade Bouncer is all about though. So you look at the Bouncer skill tree, and what are all these terrible-looking skills like Aptitude Up 1?

It’s okay. This series is here to help. It’ll cover how to build, gear and play a Dual Blade Bouncer. This first part covers the Bouncer skill tree. Part 2 covers skill builds, including main and subclass choices. Part 3 talks about gearing and affixing and Part 4 covers how to use your Photon Arts and Techs to kill stuff.

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