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Champions Online – Archery DPS Research Notes

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This is a challenge that has eluded me since I first went Gold: How to get top tier single target DPS with Archery.

Unfortunately, Archery is a set filled with low DPS powers. It’s really hard to find something that works. Cue testing with enough explosions to make an FPS Millennium City episode.

DummyLooks like dummy had really bad day.

So far I’m at 3700 DPS, but here’s some quick notes on what I’ve found so far.

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Champions Online – Etincelle’s Laser Sword Pyre Build

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I’m a big fan of the Phantasy Star series, and I always wanted to make a Wartecher kind of build in CO, i.e. a character that is survivable, hits hard in melee and has an assortment of pseudo-magical techniques to do stuff pseudo-magical techniques are supposed to do, like buff, debuff, heal, resurrect and hit things at range.


Overall, Etincelle does all the things I’d expect a Wartecher to do – sometimes a little too well because she pulls aggro a LOT! But is honestly one of my favorite Champions Online builds to play right now.
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Champions Online – Superstat Testing

Here are the results of a week of spamming Sniper Rifle on the Private Test Server with various superstat setups, and over 50 combinations of Superstat, Form, Passive and Specializations:

co-superstat-testing-9-jul-14 (Updated)

The Primary gear I used was Justice Agility with Gambler/Impact, Justice Precision with 2x Gambler and Justice Speed with 2x Impact. Stat Mods and Secondaries are described in the spreadsheet. The objective was to see what could be done with various superstat combinations with Superstat Con and maintaining a base of ~8000HP. Don’t forget to look at the Options tab for tweakable settings and some explanations.Read More »Champions Online – Superstat Testing

Champions Online – Resource Farming in Andrith Ruins

After the Mega-D nerf, this should be one of the next best methods to farm globals. Do Andrith Ruins on Elite difficulty and use a build with two Active Defenses – Unbreakable and Masterful Dodge in my case. Pop the Active Defenses to rush to Hyrg Coruscator quickly, then burn it down. As the video shows, Hyrg can be downed in 3min 30sec. That’s 18 G per run during Resource Hour with a 15% Smash buff. Accounting for loading times, 14-16 Hyrgs per Resource Hour should be reasonable, or approximately 250 G per hour without item boosts.Read More »Champions Online – Resource Farming in Andrith Ruins