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I play PSO2 JP. I left for a bit after Episode 5 hit and came back to to years of powercreep and relearning 😂

PSO2 – Trying Out Extreceptor with Flict

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There’s a new affix on PSO2, Extreceptor aka Extreme Receptor. An affix obtained from PSO2es Emergency Quests. Increases Flict and Alter affix rates to 100%, and increases Stat IV affix rates to 60%.

Practically speaking, Extreceptor only drops at low slot counts. Up to 4 slots is cheap for weapons. Units… not so much. I happen to have a 4 slot Rifle that needs upslotting, so here’s trying the new affix out.

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I Got Yokoso’d at PSO2 ARKs Festa ’16

So… lemme get this outta the way first. I got more doujin swag than official swag because it was PSO2 day @ Comiket 90. ARKs Festa happened to fall on the same day and both started at 10am.

I figure every other time of year I can support Sega, but this one time I’d rather support the fans first, so doujin it is (along with some official stuff):


I think I overdid it a little…

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PSO2 – Grind NT Weapons with Emergency Quest Drops

Once upon a time, Excubes were needed for Grind Success 30% and FUN to buy Risk -2s and Grind Success 10%s. Then NT grinding came along and made that all irrelevant.

So I have a surplus of Excubes. Emergency Quests continue to give me even more 10★s. And finally I happen to have five new 13★s to grind, courtesy of Yamato. Time for some resource reallocation.

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PSO2 – Phantom Battleship Yamato (Dignity of Steel) Notes

I’ll just leave my 2nd run here. Played through as Gu/Fi to be less WB reliant, since Tokyo choppers and tanks don’t have readily accessible weak points.

So this is Phantom Battleship Yamato:

  1. Kill Tokyo trash
  2. Kill immobile turrets
  3. Hop into AIS and kill more immobile turrets
  4. Photo op and collect loot.

Avoid bad-looking shapes on the ground and enjoy the cool music. That’s all there is to it, so I’ll focus on other stuff now.

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