Ice Powerset Demo

I have been using an Ice build on Crystal for a month now, and I’m really liking how it performs.

Simply looking at my DPS chart, it may appear to be an average powerset, but there are few tricks it can pull, as this video shows:

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Champions Online – Secondary Gear Comparison

Just a short comparison of the effects of different secondary gear on a character with the Shadow Form passive. This post compares the effects of the Cyber set vs. the Armadillo set offensively, and the Cyber set vs. the Armadillo set vs. the Vigilante set defensively.

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Aeria Solos Gravitar

Gravitar wipes have been rare lately, but here’s a video of Aeria soloing a Gravitar run that almost wiped because two members got kicked out due to the party queue bug.

Note that her energy builder, Lightning Arc and Ball Lightning are greyed out despite the short range. That means there’s no line of sight between the two characters, so Gravitar can’t attack her. Aeria’s point blank AoE is wide enough to hit her though!

The rest of the video is pretty straightforward – enjoy 1 minute of Gravitar eating Hurricanes :p

Champions Online DPS Chart

Update 8/8/14: A more updated version is currently being maintained by Flowcyto HERE

This is an updated version of the original DPS chart posted on I have added the new powers added in the Night Avenger update, as well as more recent adjustments to powers like Two-Gun Mojo. The test character used was a Level 40 character in Hybrid mode with no gear and no talents.

This chart reflects direct, unconditional damage dealt by a power. Hence, I have taken the liberty to omit low damage utility powers like lunges and pulls, and highly conditional powers and DoTs, as it would be difficult to represent them fairly in such a list. However, there were some notable exceptions that made it in due to having high enough damage to compete with pure damage dealing powers, like Heat Wave and Seismic Smash.

The version on this blog only shows the Energy per Second (EPS), Damage per Second (DPS) and Damage per Energy per Second (DPES). A link to download the full version is provided at the end.

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