PSO2 – Going Through Old Posts and Updating

So much backlog! Doom Break, Yamato Factor, Ray weapon recommendations, PA crafts… it’s a little depressing. At least Beach Wars is boring, which is why I’m here :p

Anyway, Affixing 101 is updated. Not many changes though. Doom Break just introduces a new alternative for cheap upslots. Yamato Factor is an alternative to Modulator, so doesn’t change much either.

PSO2 Gunner Guide is updated too. Some stuff about TMG Arts S Charge, crafted PAs and putting all my Gu/Fi notes down.

PSO2 Dual Blade Bouncer Guide is also updated. Mostly Kestrel 0 and NT weapons, and taking out some really old stuff about crafted weapons.

PSO2 Jet Boots Bouncer Guide is also updated. Again, mostly NT weapons and taking out crafted weapons.

Summoner I’m getting some extra help on, so that should be about it for now.

PSO2 – Grind NT Weapons with Emergency Quest Drops

Once upon a time, Excubes were needed for Grind Success 30% and FUN to buy Risk -2s and Grind Success 10%s. Then NT grinding came along and made that all irrelevant.

So I have a surplus of Excubes. Emergency Quests continue to give me even more 10★s. And finally I happen to have five new 13★s to grind, courtesy of Yamato. Time for some resource reallocation.

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Kritika SEA – Joy2key Gamepad Test

Trying out Kritika SEA again, this time in Open Beta. I usually play on keyboard & mouse but someone had to bring over a gamepad. Long story short, Kritika works with Joy2key.

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Kritika Online SEA + Inspector/ReShade Settings

Kritika Online’s closed beta launched in SEA yesterday, and I finally found the time to give it a decent look.

It’s hosted by Playpark at There’s a Thai server and a Singapore server. Apparently the Thai server has no region block, but not sure if it will last. Get the torrent here:

Kritika SEA Torrent

The game itself is an online Action RPG by All-M, aka the studio behind the now-defunct Lunia. Feels like a more anime-style C9 with a focus on smaller scale fights.

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PSO2 – Phantom Battleship Yamato (Dignity of Steel) Notes

I’ll just leave my 2nd run here. Played through as Gu/Fi to be less WB reliant, since Tokyo choppers and tanks don’t have readily accessible weak points.

So this is Phantom Battleship Yamato:

  1. Kill Tokyo trash
  2. Kill immobile turrets
  3. Hop into AIS and kill more immobile turrets
  4. Photo op and collect loot.

Avoid bad-looking shapes on the ground and enjoy the cool music. That’s all there is to it, so I’ll focus on other stuff now.

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PSO2 – April 20th Balance Changes

I’m still peeking around the corner at PSO2 and… there’s balance patch notes! A lot of them.

The Wired Lance changes are fairly significant, considering it was mostly relegated to Holding Current. Still, I’m not sure if it solves the underlying issue of short AoEs and over-reliance on grabs. They take so long to do damage that the enemy usually moves by then.

The Twin Dagger changes give a weapon that’s good at killing bosses and has a lot of redundant attacks slightly better redundant options for killing bosses.

Launcher changes are good and Teching changes are nice I guess.

Jet Boots changes don’t fix the underlying problem that Jet Boots DPS is too much effort for too little reward.

In all, this is an overly conservative balance pass that doesn’t really fix a lot of fundamental issues, like the lack of good melee main class skills not called “Critical Strike” or “Limit Break”, Twin Daggers’ lack of AoE, Gunslash’s poor anti-boss ability, Jet Boots’ lack of range and PP management, Dual Blades’ low damage outside of Photon Blade Fever.

Still, free reset pass so I can’t complain.

Full translation follows.

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