Just a very minor update to say if you play Fighter and don’t have 13★s yet, PATCH NOW :O

Ethan and Karen are handing out easy Daggers of Serafi NT and Crea Doubles, just need to complete their Client Orders, which look something like this:

  1. Do Ruins Exploration with Ethan and Karen
  2. Do Sanctum Exploration with Ethan
  3. Do Anja Duriri Demolition with Karen
  4. Do Kuron Exploration with Ethan and Karen
  5. Tada 13★ Client Orders unlocked!

For Crea Doubles, just kill 200 of every enemy.

For Daggers of Serafi, 200 Kuronites, including 5 Gau-Ogakibarus and 15 Anushi-Zagris. They expire only on October 19th, so the upcoming Regiment of the Wicked seasonal quest should cover these easy.

PSO2 – Las Vegas Update Infodump

There’s a lot of stuff in the Las Vegas update! As usual, patch notes on Bumped, most of the details on PSOW and I’ll give my $0.02 and tl;dr version here.

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PSO2 – Trying Out Extreceptor with Flict

There’s a new affix on PSO2, Extreceptor aka Extreme Receptor. An affix obtained from PSO2es Emergency Quests. Increases Flict and Alter affix rates to 100%, and increases Stat IV affix rates to 60%.

Practically speaking, Extreceptor only drops at low slot counts. Up to 4 slots is cheap for weapons. Units… not so much. I happen to have a 4 slot Rifle that needs upslotting, so here’s trying the new affix out.

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I Got Yokoso’d at PSO2 ARKs Festa ’16

So… lemme get this outta the way first. I got more doujin swag than official swag because it was PSO2 day @ Comiket 90. ARKs Festa happened to fall on the same day and both started at 10am.

I figure every other time of year I can support Sega, but this one time I’d rather support the fans first, so doujin it is (along with some official stuff):

I think I overdid it a little…

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Will be at Comiket 90 and Arks Festa

(Image Credit: むりょたろ)

I felt like running down to Japan to catch those events this year. Beats running Beach Bores ’16 anyway :p

Will take photos of swag and maybe possibly live tweet. If something big is announced then I’ll write something more in-depth.