PSO2 Mining Base Defense: Demise Impressions

Happy holidays! It’s been busy here but hopefully I’ll be able to get back into things. Some quick notes on TD4:

Mining Base Defense: Demise aka TD4

It’s been a week in and I’ve had the chance to try out a few builds in public games there. I’ve been doing lower block runs because a teammate is stopping their Premium subscription till Episode 4 hits, and a group of four can greatly help success rates even in public games. Not to mention letting me get away with trying out random class combinations.

Here’s some thoughts on how TD4 is like per not-so-usual class combo in a public MPA.

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PSO2 Affixing 101 has been updated

Admittedly I’ve been a little slow about it, but my old affixing guide should be updated to account for a bunch of changes like cheaper XQ affixes, 40% boosters and Magatsu raining Excubes now.

PSO2 Affixing 101

PSO2’s Mid-October Update is a Huge Buff to Like, Everyone

10% from Titles, Photon Art boosts all around, even Kreisenschlag finally got fixed after more than a year.

Only had time to try Gu/Ra and Fi/Ra out so far.

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PSO2 Balance Changes Coming October 14th

They’re calling it “PSO2 Large-scale Update 4: Trajectory to the Future“. Comes with balanced tweaks for the striking and ranged classes. Here’s my translation.

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New Toy for PSO2 – Mass Weapon Comparisons


I know there’s 4rt’s damage calculator but I can’t find a sort function and a spreadsheet’s a bit more convenient for a large bunch of weapons so I built my own on Google Docs.

Insights after the jump. These graphs will end up in the Gear section of the relevant guides Soon™.

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PSO-World Class/Boss Matchups Survey

Did a survey on PSO-World to see how people felt different class combos fared on different bosses. The macro-level breakdown is pretty interesting:


In summary, Rifle OP. The full data can be found on Google: PSO2 Class/Boss Matchups Survey.

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XH Kuron Means I Need to Update My Guides ._.

The 13★ Skull TMGs, スカルフェジサー, are worth getting. Need to bump Ares off the recommended list since Skull is easier to farm and higher damage.

Kuron also drops Brisa units from E-codes quite generously. Brisa can be considered mid-range at this point.

Also need to change the recommendation on Bullet Squall. It’s very useful now after crafting.

On the Bouncer front, new 11★ Jet Boots, the toy Darker themed トルタルタ. Good for Fi/Bo when crafted since the potential is Inevitable Strike i.e. 13% more damage on Crit. With Craft Mastery it’s just a hair short of Zirenheit.

Also new 12★ Jet Boots with a potential that targets breakable parts. Honestly I’d just go for Ideal since practically every worthwhile breakable is on a boss.

Nothing interesting for Dual Blades, but here’s a Gu/Bo XH Kuron run showing why I’m so sold on Bullet Squall.

PSO2 Gearing Guide – When and What to Gear

PSO2 gearing is not necessarily cryptic, but can be misleading. An 11★ weapon may not be better than an 8★. Similarly, 11★ units might not be better than 7★s either.

This guide will explain what to look out for and how to avoid falling into the costly trap known as Dudu. For starters, here are some of the terms used to refer to PSO2 item stats. Namely, Grind level, Attribute level, Potential, Affixes and Extension level:


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PSO2 SH Desert with Crafted Bullet Squall

Trying out the new Bullet Squall craft. Got -7 PP and +100%ish ATK.

It’s an improvement over the old one for mobbing but Add Bullet still feels faster, and still feels like it could use a Zondeel.

Chain Finish damage is behind Sat Aim but it’s more of a safe attack like Elder Rebellion anyway. Might be good for chasing Cougar NX or Caterdrans.

Why Gu/Hu? I thought Bullet Squall hits from the bottom up, so I wasn’t counting on headshots. Turns out I got a fair bit of headshots anyway though.