Champions Online – Whiteout 4 Questionite Farming

Don’t feel like doing the three-Alert Daily or Rampage of the day for Questionite? There’s a few other ways to get Questionite boxes at a decent rate.

Whiteout 4 is one of them – just run through 1-3 so you can clear part 4 and port to Millennium City at the end to avoid progressing to the next part.

Not one of the fastest Questionite runs, but one of the more fun – short, sweet, lots of baddies and no need to mess around with opening 11 crates. Also, cutscenes with explosions and “IT’S A TRAP!”

Two boxes in ~5 minutes.

Did this run with Mecha-Arisa because bubbles are really useful to avoid interrupts when opening doors or using terminals. See Mecha-Arisa’s full build here.

To start the Whiteout chain, just talk to Defender in Millennium City.

Champions Online – Building survivable DPS for Gravitar

Update 21st August 2014: Changed with new information from the forums and stat testing.

I was asked how to keep DPS alive in Gravitar, and after looking around for a bit, it looks like there’s a tactics guide but no building/gearing guide, so I’ll be covering that here.

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Champions Online – Healing F&I and Mecha-Arisa’s Build

Just showing it’s possible to heal Frosty without an “optimal” healer build – look at Mecha-Arisa’s totally ghetto Concentration form!.

Gear and stats are shown at the end of the video. Read on for Mecha-Arisa’s build.

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Champions Online Gear Comparison

UPDATE 1: Fixed a calculation error for crit damage. So much for trusting the formula >_>

Did a quick and dirty one in Excel to compare Justice Gear stats.

It doesn’t account for a few things like Exploit Opening and advantages like Tiger’s Courage but should give a good enough idea of what new gear will do for you.

Download the Gear Comparison Sheet here.

Note: For now only people with PTS access will be able to get the stats needed for this sheet, because Cryptic Math is too Cryptic to do simulations 🙁

And if you’re curious about how Crystal’s build will change: