PSO2 Dual Blade Bouncer Guide Pt.4: Gameplay

The #1 thing Dual Blade Bouncers are known for in PSO2 is their high Striking-based DPS on bosses during Photon Blade Fever. But not all of the game is about pressing Shift ad infinitum on a gigantic, unmoving target. That’s where the rest of the Bouncer arsenal comes in.

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Shironia Rim hits PSO2

Okay so there’s no water, but better that reference than Shingeki right? Anyway, Magatsu is here. PSO2 finally gets a kaiju fight – as if the previous bosses weren’t big enough. It even gets a new opening with lots of anime-style parkour.

Where’s my Megazord to fight this thing with?

The actual run on the first day is, as typical of maiden runs in endgame, disasteriffic.

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PSO2 Dual Blade Bouncer Guide Pt.3: Gear and Affixes

Gearing a Dual Blade Bouncer is going to be expensive. Dual Blade Bouncers need a rainbow set of Dual Blades, and even a pair of Jet Boots for some. At least NT grinding makes this easier than before!

This guide will walk through options from basic to 13★s.

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PSO2 Dual Blade Bouncer Guide Pt.2: Class Combos & Builds

Bouncer’s main role is a boss killer with Photon Blade Fever (PBF). Despite not having main class skills, there are four titles that can be obtained by collecting rare Bouncer weapons, which will give a total 10% boost to Bouncer weapons when being a main class Bouncer. In addition, a main class Bouncer can equip 13★ weapons.

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PSO2 Dual Blade Bouncer Guide Pt.1: Skills

So you want to be Kirito! Or Archer! or Gundam Marute! Or… okay there’s way too many Japanese dual wielders in anime. That’s what Dual Blade Bouncer is all about though. So you look at the Bouncer skill tree, and what are all these terrible-looking skills like Aptitude Up 1?

It’s okay. This series is here to help. It’ll cover how to build, gear and play a Dual Blade Bouncer. This first part covers the Bouncer skill tree. Part 2 covers skill builds, including main and subclass choices. Part 3 talks about gearing and affixing and Part 4 covers how to use your Photon Arts and Techs to kill stuff.

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Champions Online – Archery DPS Research Notes

This is a challenge that has eluded me since I first went Gold: How to get top tier single target DPS with Archery.

Unfortunately, Archery is a set filled with low DPS powers. It’s really hard to find something that works. Cue testing with enough explosions to make an FPS Millennium City episode.

DummyLooks like dummy had really bad day.

So far I’m at 3700 DPS, but here’s some quick notes on what I’ve found so far.

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Back to Elder Scrolls Online

I lost interest towards the end of my first month so I didn’t quite make it to the end of the main story – was level 44 at that point. Felt like having some closure so I resubbed today, and on the same day…

Why hello there Epilogue

I honestly thought I was further from the ending :O! Or at maybe I was just too tired of all the bugs at that point. Hit detection feels better now though, and bows seem to have gotten some nice buffs.

Initial impressions of Veteran levels are not good. After being made to do pointless FedEx and kill X monsters for the first 50 levels, I get to do that all over again for the endgame… TWICE? :/

You’d figure endgame progression would kind of plateau out so everyone at cap is at roughly the same level of power. Then they can add y’know, the Massively Multiplayer part of the game?

Anyway, I’ll traipse around the Veteran Rank areas and update my levelling build Soon™, along with some impressions of VRs after the August patch hits. It looks a little different closer to 50 after a few more skill points to play with and new skills opening up.

Champions Online – Etincelle’s Laser Sword Pyre Build

I’m a big fan of the Phantasy Star series, and I always wanted to make a Wartecher kind of build in CO, i.e. a character that is survivable, hits hard in melee and has an assortment of pseudo-magical techniques to do stuff pseudo-magical techniques are supposed to do, like buff, debuff, heal, resurrect and hit things at range.


Overall, Etincelle does all the things I’d expect a Wartecher to do – sometimes a little too well because she pulls aggro a LOT! But is honestly one of my favorite Champions Online builds to play right now.
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Champions Online – 100% Dodge Lightning Reflexes on a Budget

This is a refined version of Kitty’s original 100% Dodge Lightning Reflexes build. Backflipping with Evasive Maneuvers was killing DPS, so a more efficient route to 100% Dodge was in order. The answer was Crashing Wave Kick with the Subtlety of the Tides advantage.

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Champions Online – Superstat Testing

Here are the results of a week of spamming Sniper Rifle on the Private Test Server with various superstat setups, and over 50 combinations of Superstat, Form, Passive and Specializations:

co-superstat-testing-9-jul-14 (Updated)

The Primary gear I used was Justice Agility with Gambler/Impact, Justice Precision with 2x Gambler and Justice Speed with 2x Impact. Stat Mods and Secondaries are described in the spreadsheet. The objective was to see what could be done with various superstat combinations with Superstat Con and maintaining a base of ~8000HP. Don’t forget to look at the Options tab for tweakable settings and some explanations. Read more Champions Online – Superstat Testing