Just a very minor update to say if you play Fighter and don’t have 13★s yet, PATCH NOW :O

Ethan and Karen are handing out easy Daggers of Serafi NT and Crea Doubles, just need to complete their Client Orders, which look something like this:

  1. Do Ruins Exploration with Ethan and Karen
  2. Do Sanctum Exploration with Ethan
  3. Do Anja Duriri Demolition with Karen
  4. Do Kuron Exploration with Ethan and Karen
  5. Tada 13★ Client Orders unlocked!

For Crea Doubles, just kill 200 of every enemy.

For Daggers of Serafi, 200 Kuronites, including 5 Gau-Ogakibarus and 15 Anushi-Zagris. They expire only on October 19th, so the upcoming Regiment of the Wicked seasonal quest should cover these easy.


Selphea is a crazy MMO player who can never decide what to play and runs weird builds. But hey at least they work!

  • LegendaryHyjin

    Kuron TA is a fast way of getting each one of the required enemies to spawn since it is set to spawn each of them. At most 4 runs to get the required enemy kills but for the 200-300 kills you might need around 10-15.

    • Selphea

      Yep it’s what I’m running and forgot to update