Glorious Darkness buffs on Champions Online PTS T_T

I haven’t talked about Champions Online for years, but this is a special occasion.

My first Freeform character on Champions was Darkness-themed, before I found out it was pretty awful for damage.

The latest patch on the PTS is finally fixing that after more than five years, so yay 😀


Selphea is a crazy MMO player who can never decide what to play and runs weird builds. But hey at least they work!

  • FriezaReturns00001

    I’d hope that you’d would do more than just briefly talk about Champions Online. Hope to look for more things related to the massive power changes that are going on since a year ago and now.

    Please do. Alot has changed since five years ago(Four in my case of playing it late).

    • Selphea

      I liked CO back in the day but there’s been a lot of unpopular changes lately so I haven’t been keeping up too much, myself. Can’t promise anything but when my current games slow down in content I’ll try to give it another look.