PSO2 Gunner Guide Pt.3: Gear and Affixes

Gearing a Gunner is fairly cheap compared to other classes. Only one or two pairs of Twin Machineguns and one set of units to worry about, unless going for high-end optimization. This guide will walk through options from entry-level endgame gear to the high-end 13★s.

At this point, NT weapons have matured enough and are very easy to grind. I cannot recommend for anyone to go through the hassle of grinding and extension for older weapons anymore, unless they are the absolute best weapons.


Before Level 50, practically anything goes. Once in Super Hard difficulty, make it a priority to get an entry-level weapon, unlocked with a Level 1 potential, grinded to +10 and 50% attribute.


DioRadiegleNT Dio Radiegle NT (JP: ディオラディエグル-NT) 

Immediate Strike potential for 5% more damage on Just Attacks. This weapon is, objectively speaking, not the best weapon below 12★ by far. However, it compensates in two ways. First, it’s dirt common and therefore very easy to get 50% attribute and max out. Second, it’s an NT weapon and therefore can be fed into your next upgrade when it comes along.

Just max this out to tide you along then feed it to 13★ NT weapon.

InvadeTMG Invade Rain (JP: インヴェイドレイン)

Don’t bother unlocking the potential. It’s a 1.25% damage gain with Twin Machinegun Mastery. Not worth the Lambda Grinders.

That aside, it comes with pre-grinded with 60% attribute and nice affixes, has above average ATK and is very accessible at 100 Caligula Stones. Has some variance, but Zero Range Critical solves a good part of that.

Even if Profound Darkness is hard to come by, look out for Limited Quests or Emergency Quests that give Weapons Badges to convert to Caligulas.


RayTMG Ray Twin Machinegun (JP: レイTマシンガン)
Collection file expires October 19th, 2016

Increases damage by 10%, reduces damage taken by 5% and reduces PP costs by 10%. Accessible collection file and great utility on the weapon.

Main drawback is that this is subject to the Emergency Quest schedule.


OrbitTMG Mistil Orbit (JP: ミストールオービット)

Expedient Maneuvers Type 1 potential increases attack PP restoration by 60% and PP restoration when sheathed by 200%. When unsheathed, PP does not regenerate. Damage is increased by 13%.

For Twin Machineguns which has a fast, ranged normal attack, the attack PP restoration makes up for having no natural regeneration when unsheathed. When paired with the Orbital Leg unit, Mistil Orbit comes within 1% of Austere, while having the PP generation perks, making both options very competitive based on personal preference.

AustereTMG Austere Rain (JP: オフスティアレイン)

Exchange a ridiculous amount of stones to get one of these. Best Twin Machineguns for raw damage in the game by a small margin, for a disproportionate amount more effort. Get this for swag.


Look for units with a set bonus of at least 60 RATK and 10PP. Low base stats on a unit are not a concern as they can be overwritten with Extend Equipment. Hence, the main things to look out for are set bonus, and for intermediate/disposable sets, cost of grinding and affixing.

Hiei makes for a good intermediate set while farming for the rarer 11★ units, or a Gunner could simply pick up a Tian set, grind, affix and Extend it and call it a day.


hiei1 hiei2 hiei3 Hiei Set

60 ATK and 10 PP on the set bonus. Magatsu drops these like candy, and they are very cheap to grind and affix. Affixing a Hiei unit with 5 fodders only costs 40,000 meseta, or less than 5% the cost of affixing an equivalent Saiki unit. If aiming for a Saiki set, a Hiei set grinded and affixed on the cheap, then Extended to Ex3 is a good disposable placeholder.

As this set is meant for low-level characters, their equip requirements are low, and base stats will be able to tide through lower difficulty levels. At Super Hard difficulty and above however, its defenses can considered paper-thin. Remedy this by crafting the units using Extend Equipment. Lower extension levels will bump their defensive stats to a serviceable state, while higher extension levels will make them competitive with the 11★ sets.

Tian1 Tian2 Tian Set

90 RATK and 10 PP on the set bonus. These are fairly common units that are slightly more expensive to affix than the Hiei set. A Tian set gives the highest RATK out of any generic set bonus. When crafted, they are arguably better than higher end sets, at least as far as raw RATK goes.


Tian1 Tian2 OrbitLeg Tian Set + Orbital Set

A combined 140 RATK and 10 PP on the set bonus. Tian’s hefty RATK can stack with the Orbital weapon and unit set bonus to create a monstrously high amount of ATK from set bonuses.

saiki1 saiki2 saiki3 Saiki Set

60 ATK, 25 PP and 80 Dex set bonus. The hefty PP on the set bonus means Saiki has the potential to become the highest PP set by a longshot. However, the base items have only 50 HP and 0 PP apiece, which are very poor base stats, especially for an 11★ unit.

With crafting, the 50 HP apiece can either be upgraded to 100 HP, or traded for 10 PP. The net HP gain outstrips the loss in defenses, while the gain in PP is regarded as more valuable for the ability to spam more PAs.


Twin Machineguns can get away with slightly less PP due to Showtime Star, while benefiting from some HP for being a close quarters character with a dodge that has somewhat tight timing.

All out RATK with a bit of PP and HP from miscellaneous combo affixes like Souls, Alter or Flict Tiro, Fevers and Noble Shoots can work here.

For an affixing guide, look here. For an affixing simulator, look here.


L/Front S. Roll is the current popular option since a forward S. Roll essentially solves the age old Gunner problem of not being able to reposition forward easily.

L/High Time Keep is a little questionable, since it doesn’t prevent you from losing One More Time, and One More Time’s damage bonus is perma-maxed once it kicks in. It’s effectively half-useful for half the time.

For the Right ring,

R/C Strike Ranged would be the first choice, if only because there’s nothing else particularly attractive.

After that is R/Elemental PP Restorate Field. Just make sure your Twin Machineguns are Light and it will work for every boss that matters.

After that would be a tossup between R/PP Convert and R/Massive Hunter. Neither are very attractive because Gu already has good PP management and plenty of super armor and invincible frames.

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Last Updated 24th July, 2016

Selphea is a crazy MMO player who can never decide what to play and runs weird builds. But hey at least they work!
  • Shin

    Mag stats?

    • Selphea

      Full RATK.

      • Shin

        Thank you 😀

  • Fujita

    Is it worth getting a Nox Chario, if I can’t afford a 13*?

    • Selphea

      It boosts Elder Rebellion which is likely not the most frequently used PA. The 12*s are all kind of situational/disappointing. Blocker Bredd does well enough IMO, but if you want a TMG for long range and multiple PAs then try for Xie’s. Grypon LQ is quite generous.

  • sodisna

    What’s your opinion on a pure PP build for units? :

    • Selphea

      If you think you can pull it off, go for it. Just remember that TMGs are close range weapons and and Perfect Keeper will be harder to upkeep.

  • Sarr

    Question on using the Tian set: Since it’s only two pieces, what do you recommend using for the Leg Unit? (GU/RA)

    • Selphea

      Any leg unit will do, just craft it with either HP or PP depending on preference. If you don’t want to craft then Ing Plate or White Tail, but they have lower defensive stats than a crafted unit.

  • Mbah Greget

    for overall, better to use Brisa set or full crafted Tian set? isn’t that egg blasters have same pot with 2000H?

    • Selphea

      For pure RATK/Gu I’d go with Tian, for Gu/Bo or Gunslasher Fi/Gu I’d go with Brisa or Saiki.

      Egg Blasters have the same pot but are seasonal, when I wrote the guide they were like 300k each so i didn’t recommend but if they’re cheaper now go get them.

      • Mbah Greget

        how many pp and r-atk from affix then you recommended for gu?

        hmm .. i guess i’m lucky that have it at 50 light element .. 🙂

        • Selphea


          RATK – as high as you can go, but 60 at bare minimum.
          PP – considering Gu has Showtime Star you can get away with less but personally I go for 140-150, some players prefer more, others just rely on Showtime Star.

  • disqus_fgqoYfxt1D

    What about Helen Trager?

    • Selphea

      Yas2k is likely cheaper but if you can get a +40 Trager for cheap, go for it. Either way TMGs have the easiest 13* grind so neither of them should last very long.

  • Awsetki

    I already have Twin Awatsuki from Xie with pot lvl 1 (only unlock, not upgrading again to +10 due to meseta crisis), 135ratk 6pp affixes (5slot), 60 light atribute. is that worth to upgrade to Skull Fejisa / Ideal?

  • Sigheart Valeth

    What are your thoughts on Yasminkov 8000C? I’ve looted one from Profound Invasion and since I’m still far away from getting an Ideal, and Blitz Fender’s expensive, I’m thinking of using it. Other than that I’m also considering Helen Trager. But yeah, just want to hear your thoughts on it considering TMGs recover PP quite well.

    • Sigheart Valeth

      Also, there’s a new 12* (Final Fender) with a pot similar to Perfect Keeper, which at pot3 increases damage by 15% when at 60% HP or above. But seeing your computations, would Blitz Fender still be better?

  • $unny

    couple of things:
    1. Blitz Fender pot crit proc is 25% so an 80% crit is possible for Gu/Ra just like gal tmg.
    2. you can put ultimate buster on blitz making it quite a competitive all-around lategame tmg that can even outdamage a good 13* in ult: i used lv17 sat aim as test pa, with most gu/ra skills on ult mob headshots but no wb. couldnt find tmg crit mastery skill so i just left it out, but if anything it should help out blitz and gal more than others. i even gave all 13* tmg a generous 150atk affix over fender’s 105(mizer/shot4/st.fev/noble/ult) and still blitz fender is super difficult to beat in ult and outdamages ideal tmg’s mean on mobs even without ult buster. considering that login stamps now give forest, desert, urban and sanctum stones which comprise most of blitz fender’s req list, i think its a great and easy pick up and could probably be considered endgame. and after all that it still can be sold for a hefty sum
    3. can probably include rifles and gunslashes since skull rifle’s end attract and glory rain are pretty epic on gu/ra and things like queen vera are worth mentioning in regards to gu/hu’s pp regen and drunken anga/vibras
    otherwise great job on the guide :)b

    • Selphea

      Good point on Ult Buster and thanks for the tips. I’ll add them with the revision I need to do on Oct 14th ><

      • $unny

        i don’t envy your workload, tmg’s are really difficult to pinpoint for endgame gear, probably due to zero range being lost so easily. like i don’t have gal tmg but i bet it loses zero range pot on the last part of shift period and other more range-ey pa’s, giving skull a clear advantage there, while in ult and boss breaks weakpoints might be harder to come by, making gal jump ahead instead. i have to concede my own ult buster point however, after some thinking since: only reason for gunner to go to ult right now is for ares tmg and rifle, both of which are not optimal anymore 🙁 it might make blitz into a more attractive sell overall, but then its not endgame if the goal is to sell it, so yeah midgame it is probably. all eyes on austere pot 🙂

  • Excalindwurm

    I was thinking, since there’s Orbital now. Is a Gu/Ra with Orbital TMG and Orbital leg (with Tian set, all unit crafted to PP) for end game is a good idea? Or is it not?

    • Selphea

      It’s about 1.6% damage behind Austere but with 60% APPR. I personally think it’s worth it if you don’t have a good 13* already. If you do then pass.

      • Excalindwurm

        I was on my way on gathering material for Skull series though, and I should be able to get either one (skull or orbital) this week. So between Skull and Orbital, is Skull still better?

        • Selphea

          Skull is a little weaker than Orbital.

  • Fujita

    How does a 30 ele Austere compare to other 13*? Also, Blocker Bredd or Ares for Satellite Aim?

  • Shiroe

    Hey, thanks for the guide. I actually commented on a video of yours a while back and I forgot to ask another question of mine. Recently I’ve been doing Challenge Quests since I discovered that zieg gives like 120k free CM and I’m trying to get an Ideal set. My question is as Gu/Ra, is Ideal Set really good at endgame? or is Austere w/ crafted saiki still better?

    • Selphea

      Effort : reward ratio. The best 4 machineguns for raw damage are Austere > Yas8000 > Orbital > Ideal, all within 1% of each other.

      Yas8000 has the PP consumption caveat, Ideal has the boss-only caveat. The other 2 are solid.

      Ideal is the easiest to get to 60% by far though. You can get it in a week of hardcore play or a month of casual play. So it’s really about how soon you want it and how much time you’re willing to put into it. Austere or Orbital are better if you can get them, but be prepared to spend more time.

      • Shiroe

        Yeah I pretty much get that, thanks. Well I haven’t really played for almost a year and I started from scratch so I’m pretty much around level 60 or something by the time you read this. I just discovered that “Austere” weapons are traded from Zieg. All I know is that it requires an Invader weapon, but I don’t really know what the requirements for Austere and Ivader are and from where these stones drop. I’m still deciding on whether I’ll use Ideal Set or not, I want to use it temporarily before getting better ones but as I was told 13* require special grinders which are hard to get, so I’m having second thoughts.

  • Diver Down

    One thing the guide doesn’t mention: alternating Front S-Roll and Grim Barrage makes for a very nice fast-travel setup, as long as your PP holds out.

  • Stormwalker

    Seems to me that the Valkyrie R25 should be pretty competitive now if using the R / Critical Strike Ranged ring? When hitting weak points you’re going to be getting the 10% damage from the potential 75% of the time (and 6% the rest of the time). If I used the damage calculator correctly, it hits a fair bit harder than Skull when getting the 10%, and doesn’t look that much weaker when getting the 6%, so you should come out ahead overall? Still lags behind Orbit and Austere, but obviously the Valkyrie is much easier to get.

    (Disclaimer: This is my first time messing with the damage calculator. I may have messed something up. Verify for yourself before buying anything.)

  • Blake Hall

    Could you explain the Tian set + Orbital set, I don’t understand how to combine them? And I don’t think there is an “Orbital” set either on the pso2 cirnopedia, What is that other icon beside the tian armor, it looks like dual blades? How would you be able to set a weapon on the armor palette?

    • Douglas Reeves

      The third icon shown is a third unit (レッグ/オービットセル) which has a set bonus when combined with any Orbit weapon (forming the Orbital set referred to here).

    • Selphea

      As Douglas says, Orbital is a new unit you can buy from Zieg, not found on Cirnopedia since it’s woefully outdated. Swiki has it here:オービットセル

      You combine the two by… wearing a Tian set, the Orbit unit and Orbit Twin Machineguns for two set bonuses :p

      • Blake Hall

        Oh!, Thank you so much, I just had such a hard time understanding this because I am running a Gu/Ra build, And I am just looking at Outdated stuff. xD

  • Ahri

    But Selphy, no is better Kaiser what this Tian set?

    • Ahri

      This is my currently build, in a future I think add AIS rifle:

    • Selphea

      Kaiser = 90 ATK and 30PP on 2 units.
      Tian = 90 ATK and 30PP on 2 units with PP craft.

      Is there any reason Kaiser is better? :p

      • Ahri

        6% resist for range and striking and more sexy (?).

        • Selphea

          I thought no one cared about defense! :’D

          But RATK craft has 42 more SDef, so that cancels out 1-2% Striking Resist
          RATK craft also has 4% Range Resist per unit and 14 more RDef, so it actually takes less ranged damage too.