PSO2 – Affixing 101

Ja-jaan! Welcome to Affixing 101 version 2.0. Most items drop with a bunch of random affixes. Typically, these random affixes are far from suitable for what the item will be used for. The solution would be to overwrite these affixes to suit you better.

Affixing has changed a lot since this was first written. In general, supply has greatly increased so things that used to be expensive are now quite affordable. I’ll show how to make reliable, cost-effective affixing formulas with minimal fodder-making involved, while allowing for as many options as possible.

MonicaThe real final boss of PSO2

First and foremost, here’s the link to Ordy’s Affixing Simulator, which is kept up to date:

Affixing Simulator

Current Affixing Trends

Right now, the trend among rich players is to shove as much ATK as possible into the affixes. For a rough idea, something like this:


And the breakdown:

  • Apprentice Soul – 40 ATK
  • Power V – 40 ATK
  • Modulator – 30 ATK
  • Alter Arma – 20 ATK
  • Ability III – 15 ATK
  • Noble Power – 30 ATK
  • Total – 175 ATK

People affix like this because a Saiki set crafted with all three pieces crafted for PP gives 55 PP by itself, and there is a class cap bonus that throws a further 10 PP at you.

Alternatively, even with two Saiki units crafted for HP, that’s still 45 PP before affixes come in, while giving enough survivability  to take two medium-damage hits.

Once a character can do Klotho’s Time Attack Client Orders on Very Hard, as well as Extreme Quest Client Orders, affixes should be something to look at. Especially when using gear expected to last past Level 75.

Key Terms

Some key terms in this guide are:

Base Item
The item that you want to put affixes on

The items that will be sacrificed to put affixes onto the base item.

Increasing the number of slots on an item by 1. Items with three slots become four, four become five and so on.

Worthless but easy to transfer affixes, like Body I, Ice Resist I, React I. Used for upslotting.

Dudu Fee
The amount Dudu charges you to make an affixing attempt. Increases exponentially as item rarity increases. A 7★ Hiei unit, for example, has 1/20 the Dudu Fee of an 11★ unit.


You will need:

Excube Excubes

Lots of Excubes, but it’s fine because Magatsu and Extra Hard will trivialize 10★ and 11★ drops. Use +250% Rare Drop on rewarding Emergency Quests like Profound Invasion, Magatsu, Profound Darkness.

  • One good round of Magatsu on Extra Hard, nets around 100 Excubes
  • A Profound Darkness or Profound Invasion nets around 30.

items_enhance_15 items_enhance_16Ability Success Rate Boosters

These things will mitigate failure chance, making affixing less of a gamble, or not a gamble at all.

  • Ability Success Rate +10% – Largely outdated, but may still have some use during 10% boost weeks or when feeling lucky. Otherwise, it’s typically quite unreliable. Get these from player shop if needed.
  • Ability Success Rate +30% – The bread and butter booster. Can get 100% across the board up to four slots on many affixes, or five slots during a boost week. Costs 20 Excubes.
  • Ability Success Rate +40% – The ultimate booster. After October 2015, every day is practically 10% boost day. Affixes that used to need crazy amounts of luck are now possible with deep enough Excube pockets. Costs 100 Excubes.

Faren1 Faren2 Faren3 Fodder

These are items that will be sacrificed to appease the RNG gods. Be prepared to shell out meseta for them.

Slot Manipulation

First we need to get the item to a good amount of slots to work with. This is how I’d suggest setting it up:

First Attempt

For your first attempt, start with a base item with two to three slots, aim for three slots. Work with cheap and easy affixes to get a rough idea of how affixing works. Use a 7★ to 9* weapon or unit to keep Dudu Fees low.

Weapons below 12★

Start with a base item with three to four slots, aim for four slots. Includes upgrades of the First Attempt if applicable, excludes Red weapons with unlocked potential. One difficult affix here can be worthwhile.

12★ and above, Red weapons

These are endgame weapons so go for five slots and above. Includes upgrades of previous tiers if applicable.

Upslotting the base item

To increase slots, affix with at least two fodder items containing junk affixes. Use 10% or 30% boosters as needed.

Two fodder items are recommended because the second fodder raises success rates a tiny bit.

In this example, I try to upslot a 1 slot Queen Viera with Panic IV. Note the double red arrows pointing downwards.



The reverse of upslotting. On low rarity weapons, this helps to keep the cost of affixing low, considering lower slot fodders tend to be more affordable.

On high end weapons, typically good 12★s and above, downslotting is not recommended as it will reduce their value. If a good weapon happens to drop with a lot of slots with undesirable affixes, just throw a bunch of easy affixes on it.

To decrease slots, affix with Ability III to get a high chance of failure.

Affix Matrix

This matrix gives a rough idea of how to not kill your wallet while affixing.

  • Easy affixes tend to not need a lot of Fodder.
  • Difficult affixes tend to need three Fodders.
  • Very Difficult affixes tend to need five Fodders, either in the creation process or the affixing itself.
  • Attack IIIs
  • Most other Stat IIIs
  • On Season Fevers
  • Add Special Ability
  • Off Season Fevers
  • Vinculum
  • Mutation I
  • Doom Break
  • Ability III
  • Attack IV and above
  • Flict and Alter
  • Yamato Factor
  • Modulator
  • Stigma
  • Spirita Alpha
Very Difficult
  • Ultimate Buster
  • Astral Soul

The main takeaway here is that sticking to the Cheap and Easy part of the matrix will keep costs down, but the final item may not be very good.

One Difficult affix can typically be tacked on without complicated Fodders. On the other hand, putting two Difficult affixes on an item can be a challenge.

After the first Difficult affix,  the next easiest way to push stats further would be an Expensive and Easy affix. With current availability of Excubes and affixes, I would consider the current bang for meseta affix format to be:

  1. Soul – Every item should be affixed with a Soul. The Soul may also help other affixes to stick, e.g. Quartz Soul boosts Power III and Spirita III’s success rates.
  2. Attack III – Cheap and Easy Affix 1
  3. Spirita III or On-season Fever – Cheap and Easy Affix 2
  4. Modulator, Flict or Alter – Difficult Affix
  5. Boost or Off-season Fever – Easy and Expensive Affix

Affixing Recipes (Basic)

Now we get cooking! First I’ll start with some easy recipes.

My First Affix

This used to be done more elaborately, but when using a cheap base item like Hiei, and with Excubes becoming very common, just shortcut the process to get 3 decent affixes.

How this works is Quartz Soul buffs Power III and Spirita III, although Fever will be used here instead. Replace Fever with Spirita if desired.

Replace Quartz Soul with Mizer Soul for RATK, or Elder Soul for TATK if needed.

For any component in subsequent recipes that require two easy affixes, use My First Affix without the Soul Receptor.

To use a different Soul in the result (e.g. Bayari Soul), put that Soul in Fodder 5.

Base Item Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 1 Quartz Soul Junk Junk
Fodder 2 Soul Receptor Junk Junk
Fodder 3 Junk Power III Junk
Fodder 4 Junk Junk Fever
Fodder 5  –
30% Booster
Final Quartz Soul Power III Fever
Chance 100% 100% (80%) 100%

Basic 4-slot affix

For cheap units like a Hiei set, this recipe will get a Soul, two Easy affixes and a Difficult affix for 90 ATK with a balance of HP and PP.

I recommend Alter Arma/Tiro/Magia because Alter tends to be cheaper than Flict. An update in October 2015 made Extreme Quest affixes more common, and they have a higher chance than Vinculum without the need to mess with Anga Soul. Since Alter gives HP, Extend more units with the PP recipe to balance it out.

Doom Break, Flict or Modulator can also be used instead.

Using 30% here instead of 40% because the cost of paying 80 more Excubes is higher than the cost of 2 retries.

Base Item Quartz Soul Power III Fever
Fodder 1 Soul Receptor Junk Junk
Fodder 2 Junk Power III Junk
Fodder 3 Junk Junk Alter Arma
Fodder 4 Junk Junk Alter Arma
Fodder 5 Junk Junk Alter Arma
30% Booster
Final Quartz Soul Power III Fever Alter Arma
Chance 100% (70%) 100% (70%) 100% (70%) 86% (56%)

Basic Cheap 5-slot affix (Upslot)

This builds on the basic 4S recipe to get 5 slots for 110 ATK without Noble or combining Flict+Modulator. A cheap 5-slot affix is comparable to a more expensive 4-slot with less hassle involved, although changing the affixes after 5-slotting will be difficult.

Consider this for starter equipment or alt characters and classes. Once again, Alter here can be swapped for Doom Break, Flict or Modulator. This is a fairly flexible template.

Using Doom Break would make Ability III more likely to succeed.

Use Gryphon Soul to make the Power/Shoot/Technique fodder if needed.

Base Item Quartz Soul Power III Fever Alter Arma
Fodder 1 Soul Receptor Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 2 Bayari Soul Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 3 Junk Junk Junk Alter Arma
Fodder 4 Junk Junk Junk Alter Arma
Fodder 5 Power III Junk Shoot III Technique III
40% Booster
Final Bayari Soul Power III Fever Alter Arma Ability III
Chance 100% (60%) 100% (60%) 100% (60%) 88% (48%) 76% (36%)

Affixing Recipes (Intermediate)

Make Ideal set more ideal recipe

The Ideal set doesn’t come with a Soul, so it needs fixing! Unfortunately, at 5 slots, Soul Receptors start to become prohibitive.

Ideal set gives a generous amount of HP by itself. Personally, having both Stamina and All Resist on top of Ideal Set’s HP is overkill. The Spirita is justifiable though – Ideal set is pretty low on PP especially when swapping out to non-Ideal weapons.

Here’s a fairly easy way to add a Soul, using the new Toh’oh Soul from Tokyo and the new Doom Break ability from Odin.

Step 1: Make Ability III components

Put Shoot, Power and Technique and Doom Break into a Gryphon Soul item, easy peasy. Gryphon Soul with Doom Break is fairly common, but Doom Break can frequently be found with attack stats too.

Base Item Gryphon Soul Doom Break Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 1 Junk Junk Shoot III Junk Junk
Fodder 2 Junk Junk Junk Power III Junk
Fodder 3 Junk Junk Junk Junk Technique III
Fodder 4 Junk Doom Break Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 5 Junk Doom Break Junk Junk Junk
30% Booster
Final Junk Doom Break Shoot III Power III Technique III
Chance 100% 100% (80%) 100% (80%) 100% (80%) 100% (80%)
Step 2: Boom

Mash everything together.

“Monster Soul” refers to boss Souls from non-Ultimate Quest and pre-Tokyo content, like Ragne Soul, Snow Soul and so on, which combines with Toh’oh Soul to make a 35 ATK, 3 PP Soul for a 100 ATK recipe. Use a Soul that makes Spirita III and the relevant ATK stat stick. Go for cheap ones like Zigmor Soul, Nepto Soul and Vardha Soul.

Alternatively, find a Toh’oh Soul unit with Yamato Factor and replace Doom Break with Yamato Factor.

Base Item Vinculum Stamina III Spirita III Ability III All Resist III
Fodder 1 Junk Doom Break Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 2 Junk Doom Break Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 3 Toh’oh Soul Junk Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 4 Monster Soul Junk Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 5 Junk Doom Break Power III Shoot III Technique III
30% Booster
Final Act The Soul Doom Break Spirita III Power III Ability III
Chance 100% (80%) 100% (80%) 100% (80%) 100% (80%) 100% (80%)

Gal Gryphon dropped a 13★ with 7 slots recipe

13★ with 7 slots is a blessing and a curse. On one hand it’s a lot of potential power, on the other, at 7 slots a lot of options like Soul Receptor and Modulator are either nonexistent or prohibitively expensive.

Here’s a simple way to get 150 ATK on it in two steps. Once again Toh’oh Soul makes this easy.

This method takes advantage of Gryphon Soul’s compatibility with Ability III’s components, and how certain bosses drop high slot items with Vinculum and Mutation together.

90% Vinculum is a gamble but can be 100% during a boost week.

Step 1: Put basic affixes on the Base Item

Gryphon Soul makes Ability III’s components easy. Hopefully Gryphon was kind enough to give that. If not, Fodder 5 is open.

High slot Fevers are expensive, so skip if needed.

Base Item Gryphon Junk Junk Junk Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 1 Junk Power III Junk Junk Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 2 Junk Junk Technique III Junk Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 3 Junk Junk Junk Shoot III Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 4 Junk Junk Junk Junk Fever Junk Junk
Fodder 5
30% Booster
Final Junk Pow III Tech III Shoot III Fever Junk Junk
Chance 100% 100% (80%) 100% (80%) 100% (80%) 100% 100% 100%
Step 2: Add the difficult affixes

Now we make the Ability III and top it off with Vinculum, Mutation and a Boost item.

I personally don’t recommend HP on weapons because the HP is lost during weapon swapping.

Base Item Junk Pow III Tech III Shoot III Fever Junk Junk
Fodder 1 Toh’oh Junk Junk Junk Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 2 Quartz Junk Junk Junk Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 3 Junk Junk Junk Junk Vinc. Muta. Junk
Fodder 4 Junk Junk Junk Junk Vinc. Muta. Junk
Fodder 5 Junk Junk Junk Junk Vinc. Muta. Junk
40% Booster, Add Special Ability
Final Act The Soul Pow III Abil III Fever Vinc. Muta. Boost
Chance 100%(70%) 100% (80%) 100% (60%) 100% 90% (50%) 100% (80%) 100%

Affixing Recipes (Advanced)


Or perhaps bare minimum for competitive time attacking. Cram practically every high ATK affix into the item, which also means lots of meseta spent. The typical format is:

  • Ultimate Quest Soul
  • Attack IV
  • Flict
  • Modulator
  • Noble Attack Booster

For 150 ATK, but I’ll suggest a 145 ATK version with an upslot first since that’s easier on the wallet. Scroll further down for the 150 ATK non-upslot version.

This is kind of complicated so I’ll work from top down.

Final Affix

The final affix looks like this (I’ll use the SATK variant):

Base Item Double Soul Junk Flict Arma Modulator
Fodder 1 Soul Receptor Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 2 Bayari Soul Power III Junk Junk
Fodder 3 Vol Soul Power III Junk Junk
Fodder 4 Junk Junk Flict Arma Modulator
Fodder 5 Junk Junk Flict Arma Modulator
40% Booster, Add Special Ability (ATK & PP)
Final Bayari Soul Power III Flict Arma Modulator Noble Boost
Chance 100% (60%) 100% (60%) 88% (48%) 94% (54%) 100%

That’s three souls, Double for helping Modulator, Vol for helping Power III and Bayari for the final affix. An 88%s and a 94%, adds up to a net 83% success rate.

The toughest part of this recipe is getting Flict and Modulator on the same item, three times, including the base item. Easy way is to get three Flicts at four slots, three Modulators at four slots and mash them together with a 30%. Be prepared to shell out tens of millions, three times over.

Another method of doing that at a price that vaguely resembles affordable would be to do an upslot, and using the Same Item bonus to minimize chance of failure.

How to get the Same Item bonus? Work from two slots. I suggest using a dirt common unit like NPC shop units, Gal Gryphon’s Luxe units or Magatsu’s elemental units. So the Base Item for this will be one of these. Of these, the 1★ Sub units have the lowest Dudu fee.

Step 1: Make 3-slot Sub Fodder.

Six 3-slot fodder items are needed per item. Three Modulators, three Flicts. One of the Modulators needs an Apprentice or Double Soul on it. This recipe is for getting that:

For the other Modulator items, drop the Receptor. For the Flict items, drop the Soul as well since it does nothing to boost Flict’s success rate. Both will be gambles with a 30%. Be prepared to retry. The alternatives are cluttering your bank with Modulators and Flicts until a boost week happens, or burning 600 Excubes to get all fodders at 100%.

Base Item Junk Junk
Fodder 1 Junk Modulator
Fodder 2 Junk Modulator
Fodder 3 Junk Modulator
Fodder 4 Soul Receptor Junk
Fodder 5 Double Soul Junk
30% Booster
Final Double Soul Modulator Junk
Chance 100% (70%) 93% (63%) 100%
Step 2: Upslot Luxe fodder to 4 slots.

Mash all six fodders together. Double/Apprentice Soul can go bye bye after this, it’s served its purpose of making the upslot less of a gamble.  If all six units are the same junky Luxe unit, only Flict Arma will be a gamble.

Base Item Double Soul Modulator Junk
Fodder 1 Junk Modulator Junk
Fodder 2 Junk Modulator Junk
Fodder 3 Junk Junk Flict Arma
Fodder 4 Junk Junk Flict Arma
Fodder 5 Junk Junk Flict Arma
30% Booster, Same Item Bonus
Final Junk Modulator Flict Arma Junk
Chance 100% (80%) 100% (72%) 94% (64%) 100%
Step 3: Do the Base item.

This is the hardest part. You just did two Flict/Modulator fodders right? And Double/Modulator fodders too? Now you get to do them all again!

Base Item Double Soul Modulator Junk
Fodder 1 Soul Receptor Junk Junk
Fodder 2 Junk
Modulator Junk
Fodder 3 Junk Modulator Flict Arma
Fodder 4 Junk Junk Flict Arma
Fodder 5 Junk Junk Flict Arma
30% Booster
Final Double Soul Modulator Flict Arma Junk
Chance 100% (70%) 93% (63%) 86% (56%) 100%

Flict-Mod-Noble (Non-upslot)

Similar to above, but this is the more expensive, safer version. Since it’s a non-upslot, Power IV is possible.


Create Power IV at 60% either by combining two Power IVs, or three Power IIIs with a relevant Soul. This method will pre-create Power IV.

In the event that Toh’oh Soul is cheaper than Power III, make a simple Vol Soul/Power III fodder here and then make a Toh’oh Soul/Power III fodder to combine Power III in the final affix instead.

Base Item Junk Power III Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 1 Junk Power III Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 2 Junk
Power III Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 3 Vol Soul Junk Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 4 Vol Soul Junk Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 5 Vol Soul Junk Junk Junk Junk
40% Booster
Final Vol Soul Power IV Junk Junk Junk
Chance 100% (80%) 100% (60%) 100% 100% 100%
Final Affix

Then do the final affix like this:

Base Item Vol Soul Power IV Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 1 Toh’oh Soul Junk Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 2 Junk
Power IV Junk Junk Junk
Fodder 3 Junk Junk Flict Arma Modulator Junk
Fodder 4 Junk Junk Flict Arma Modulator Junk
Fodder 5 Junk Junk Flict Arma Modulator Junk
40% Booster, Add Special Ability (ATK & PP)
Final Act The Soul Power IV Flict Arma Modulator Noble Power
Chance 100% (60%) 100% (60%) 100% (80%) 100% (90%) 100%

Flict/Modulator has been covered in the previous part, and the rest of it is just a variant of My First Affix.

General Recipe Reference

  • Stat X + Stat X = Higher chance of Stat X
  • Stat III + Compatible Soul = Higher chance of Stat III
  • Soul Receptor + Soul = 100% chance of Soul
  • Power III + Shoot III + Tech III = Ability III

Important Affix Reference

For a full list, check Arks Visiphone or SWiki

Power III Shoot III Tech III Spirita III Stamina III
Quartz Soul
Vol Soul
Gwana Soul
Mizer Soul
Ran’sa Soul
Fang Soul
Elder Soul
Ragne Soul
Wolga Soul
Chrome Soul
Magatsu Soul
Gryphon Soul  ●  ●

Last Updated July 24th, 2016


Selphea is a crazy MMO player who can never decide what to play and runs weird builds. But hey at least they work!

  • sodisna

    Any info on Stats V affxing?

    • Selphea

      Apparently, get three Stat Vs, don’t upslot, use 30% and hope for the best 😡

  • Onule

    With the new 40% ability success rate, attempting the 5 slots is now possible without the 10% boost period?

    • Selphea

      Yep, it is 🙂

      I really need to update these affixing formulas though!

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    That is my sincere opinion on this. Anyhow, goodjob with the guide.

    • Selphea

      Hmm… good point, I’ll put the old one back in.

  • AS118

    What’s the difference between on and off season fevers? And I don’t understand what a lot of these affixes do either.

    • Selphea

      On season means currently available via drops and therefore cheap like Frog Fever right now. Off season means the last time they were available might have been months ago like Saint Fever.

      Good point on what those affixes do, I’ll have to table the important affixes out.

      • AS118

        Thanks! I see what you mean. So the fevers dropping on items right now or on-season, and those that haven’t dropped in a while are off-season.

        And thanks for all the hard work! The more I read this, the more I understand it. I was so totally lost at first.

  • Kawaiineko

    Hey im new to the game. I play for the past 2 weeks and i just hit 70 a while ago, but i need a pointer to crafting units cause is a full crafted hiel better than ideal(uncrafted)?

    • Selphea

      I would value the extra PP on the Hiei set more.

      Ideal to me is outdated since the weapons are situational and don’t use the NT system.

      Without the weapon, Ideal units are very low on PP and the ATK gain over Hiei works out to less than 0.5% damage

      • Kawaiineko

        how many affixes should i get for hiei and also what weapon should i get cause right now i have a max out 9* talis

        • Selphea

          Hmm 3-4 should be OK. Like Elder Soul/Tech 3/Spirita 3/Frog Fever. Basic cheap stuff.

  • Slashkun

    I don’t know if I get the prioritations correctly from reading the guide.
    Is this the correct order to do things ?
    Priority 1 upslot to right amount of slots
    Priority 2 get a soul on and right atk booster
    Priority 3 get spirita/fever on the weapon
    Priority 4 get alter/flict/modulator on the weapon
    Priority 5 get vinculum on weapon
    Priority 6 change fever for noble power ?

    I has a saika revo katana i am thinking of making 5 slot and change stamina to power III.
    So want to know how I should priorities


    • Selphea

      Whoops I’m late on this but well…

      1 2 3 look correct. After that Vinculum doesn’t stack with Modulator, pick one. If you have a Fever don’t drop it :p Add slots in such a way that you don’t lose anything valuable. But you can go with a cheaper set of 5 slots e.g. Till/Pow3/Fever/Doom Break/Abi3.

      If you want to do Flict + Mod the weapon has to be set up from the ground up for that really, because the foddering for that is quite complex and a little risky on upslot.

      • Slashkun

        np with the wait, I just had time to get a RAY katana instead but I plan to do the same with it once I have the mats. but thanks for giving the correction to my misunderstanding.

  • pso666

    Can you please post a guide on how to affix a weapon with Apprentice Soul + Power V + Modulator + Alter Arma + Ability III + Noble Power you mentioned?!

    • Selphea

      Power V is risky xD

      I actually used a screenshot from a player shop item for that lol.

      But if I had to reverse engineer it…

      Base: Apprentice/Pow/Mod/Tech/Shoot/X (Upslotted with Receptor and Gryphon/Pow/Tech/Shoot)
      Item 1: Mod/Alter/X/X/X/X
      Item 2: Mod/X/X/X/X/X
      Item 3: Alter/X/X/X/X/X
      Item 4: Alter/X/X/X/X/X
      Item 5: Apprentice/X/X/X/X/X

      And then 10% boost week + 40% booster + Noble Booster

      • MichaelDobski

        That’s insane… You can’t even find s 6s weapon with Modulator and Alter Arma in the player shops…

        • Selphea

          Yep you need to DIY it, HUGE expenses involded there which i don’t recommend unless you’re really feeling rich.

  • MichaelDobski

    Proper thanks for this guide, man! I’ve been using it a lot… May I ask for your help? Hopefully I’ll be able to get the austere sword soon… And I would really like to know what affix would you consider to be optimal for it (for a Hu / Fi build)? Should I downslot it and do the 145 / 150 S-ATK affix from your guide or maybe it would be better to use 6s swords and mix a status effect like Poison III / IV in there? Please give me your guidance! 🙂

    • EmuManiac

      Selphea, can you please reply?! I would love to hear your answer myself – I think an effect like Freeze III will be an awesome addition to the 150 atk bonus and using 6s fodder won’t require downslotting austere even if it will cost more…

      • Selphea

        Well if you can afford it, go for it :p But personally procs seem a little unreliable when things tend to die straight up.

        • EmuManiac

          Thanks for the help, Selphea, you are the best! 🙂 I guess I’ll take the safe way… Oh, can you please tell me one more thing? How to do the 5s version of Double Soul + Modulator and Modulator + Flict Arma – should I just add another junk affix, or is more complicated?

          • Selphea

            Yea just 1 more junk affix

      • EmuManiac

        Wait… But austere is 5s… And thanks for the help, I guess I’ll take the safe way… Oh, can you please tell me one more thing? How to do the 5s version of Double Soul + Modulator and Modulator + Flict Arma – should I just add another junk affix, or is more complicated?

  • AvajelinE AKmacdawel

    Where to find Soul Receptor?

  • rsod

    This is not fun at all. Don’t even want to try doing it.

    • Selphea

      ^^; try the fast & safe recipes. In about 10 mins you can still get something decent even of you don’t want to go deeper.

  • Emiryst

    hello, thanks for the guide very helpfull! ^-^ erm can i ask where to get noble boost(im wanna get noble shot) and till the soul, cause if in vid it sells hella expensive…can we make from mixing stats when affix?

    • Selphea

      Try player shops, in Japanese the item name is 特殊能力追加(射撃&PP) for Noble Shot.

  • Douglas Reeves

    So, um… what do you do when Gal Gryphon drops you a 13* with EIGHT slots? I got a Gale Vishner +5, 54 light, 8 slots tonight. It’s too gorgeous not to at least do something with it, but trying to affix it kinda terrifies me. I might grind it and leave the affixes as is (gryphon soul, ability III, arm I, power I, mutation I, react I, shock III, lucky rise III) as a show piece and to mess around with while soloing…

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